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I'm pulling data in from non-Hubsport forms and would like to improve my reporting. Most of the custom forms on the site in question use the same CSS selectors, and therefore forms from different categories throughout the site are displayed in Hubspot with those default names. I have to click 'view submissions' to see their originating landing pages.Would it make more sense to have my forms named by category, e.g., motorcycle insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, etc? If this makes sense (?) would I need to add unique CSS selectors to achieve that?


It would be really nice if I could view submissions for a specific for name and tag them as being part of a specific category, is anything like that possible? It would save me from having to go through an entire site adding new CSS selectors according to the categories I want in reporting.

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HI @Mathias_P,


You should be able to rename the forms, as outlined in this article once it is in your portal.


If you are looking to have them pulled in with different names, then you would need to change the CSS selector name.


Thank you,

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