No stage progress bar anymore on new deal record design?

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I'm trying the new record design interface, but I just noticed that it don't has anymore the stage progress bar on top of the deal record.


here follows the new deal record design without the stage progress bar:


Captura de Tela 2019-01-31 às 10.33.20.png


I know that I can still change the stage property on the left or draging the deal card on deals board. But the stage progress bar used to be really useful to see the deal record progress.


Any idea if Hubspot decided to permanetly remove the stage progress bar? 


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Hey @defranco,


The progress should be on the left hand side of the deal now (below the deal name). Are you seeing that in your portal? 



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I agree. Having the deal stage in the center of record was much preferred. Now, the most important aspect of the process - the pipeline - is shoved off to the left. It was much better in the old UI, I vote to bring it back.