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No deal amount update after line item price changed


I'm just wondering if anyone else has the same problem here. 


Some of my sales guys claim that after updating unit price on the deal line item, pushing the Save button and when the "Update deal amount" pop-up shows up, they select: Update deal amount. The deal amount is said not to reflect the change. 


I tried to reproduce this bug on some test deals, all works well for me. 

I'm wondering if anyone has ever ran into this challenge? 



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No deal amount update after line item price changed

Hi @Edyta7510 


Personally I have not experience any issues with this before.

One thing you can suggest to your sales team, should they experience this again, is to directly contact HubSpot Support via the purple Help widget in the bottom right of the HubSpot portal.


With an Enterprise subscription, all HubSpot users can access HubSpot Support free of charge, and depending on Support reps availability users often have the option to live chat or request a call back. Which makes troubleshooting a lot easier.


I hope that helps.


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