New columns do not reflect in other custom views???

Hi, I hope I haven't identified a huge handicap of hubspot CRM relating the contacts tables. Consider that I've worked a lot to create around 100 customized views, each one for a lead company. Well, afterwards I've found out the need to add two new columns to all views. HOW CAN I DOO THIS? I see that once I've edited the columns inside one single view (of 100!), the changes are clearly reflected in the standard views, for example the one with "all" contacts, BUT NOT to the other 99 customized view..... Oh my gosh, today I'm spending half of the day to do this manually, view by view. It's a never ending story. Please tell me that there is a parameter somewhere to make sure that I can decide weather or not I want to propagate to the other custom views a change performed in a single custom view. Please 🙂
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Hi @Gianluca, thank you for reaching out!


Indeed, it actually isn't possible to adjust the columns that are displayed for all views in your portal globally - those columns can only be adjusted on a view-by-view basis. 


Of course, I can 100% see how useful a "global" customization setting for the table columns on your views would be incredibly useful for our customers who create a large number of views. I would definitely encourage you to post this as an idea on our ideas board here in the Community - this is a great way of passing on your feedback to our product team, in order for us to improve the software based on actual cusotmers' needs.


Thanks again for posting, and I'm very sorry that I wasn't able to offer you a better solution.