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We're thinking through initial setup of our Hubspot account. Would anyone be willing to share what they've identified as the Contact Type labels they use? Nonprofit, for-profit, community group...any and all are appreciated!

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Hi @NLI_2019,


Are you talking about setting up personas


@Phil_Vallender discussed personas in this thread.


Additionally, Phil and @Bryantworks discussed contact types in this thread.


@Ben_M@ConnorSlivensky@ElyshaShave, do you have any tips for @NLI_2019?



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We'll probably need some more info to be of much help. What industry are you or the purpose of your site. That would help determine the relevant datapoints to segment by.


But from my experience the major segmentation properties we use most are: Lifecycle Stage, Persona, (Which we determine using Industry and Department/Job Function)  Company Size (We're B2B).


Anything beyond that I think would need to be more specificly tailored to your business  objectives and typical customer behavior. Look for commonalities between your customers to determine what activity to look out for. (We have pages which have low traffic but show a high intent to buy so we watch those leads closer)