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Greetings.  It used to be available that we could see the IP address of the person that was in the contract record.  Now it shows - region, state, etc..  


It would be nice if we could get the actual IP address back.  The reasoning being is that we use this information for credit card charge backs, when a customer disputes a charge.  Banks and credit card companies, request this information as proof that a person who completed an action is that person.  This is one more piece of that identification that we can provide to the issuer, proving that "Jane Smith" is the same Jane Smith, who made a purchase through our site. 


The credit issuers will not take the translated region, state, etc as proof, but only the actual IP address.


Thank you.  Scott

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Hi @KeyWestScott,


Unfortunately that data is no longer being stored. Here's a note from the knowledge base:


Please note: starting on May 29, 2019, IP address will no longer be collected or updated for contacts. Location information from conversions (e.g., IP country) will still be collected. 


Here's the article in which that note is located.



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Yea ... we also asked the CRM trainers to speak to the IP Address issue in the upcoming AMA. Dunno if they will. Hope so.

- see Ask Me Anything About CRM ... (Wed, 2019-June-12, 2p GMT)


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