Need to create a pivot tabel report with more rows (atleast a 10)

I am trying to create a report Pivot table to be shared with one of our clients where I divide the deal stages and properties of deals in each row. 

I am stuck in a place where I need at least 10 rows of various statuses to be shown to the client but the HubSpot report allows only 4 rows. Is there any way i can add more rows? or any workarounds for it? 


Thanks in advance for checking and sharing your thoughts!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Need to create a pivot tabel report with more rows (atleast a 10)

Hi @Vijayduraias,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

That's correct, the pivot table reporting tool currently only allows up to four properties in both the rows and columns sections. I understand your use case here so I'd recommend posting a request to allow more properties to our Ideas Forum. We use it to collect ideas on how we can improve the product for our customers. 


In terms of a workaround - you could change the visualisation of the report to a "Table" visual. This will allow you to include more data points/properties, but this type of report is different from a pivot table so it will show each line of data separately.


I also want to ask a couple of subject matter experts for their advice:

hi @StjepanGrcic , @Bryantworks@Chriso-mwx, can you think of any other workarounds? Thank you!


Mia, Community Team  

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