Need help with form: to understand "Submissions from bot" & wrong submission count in "Performance"


I am new using hubspot CRM and looking for understand the "Submissions from bot" thing showing under submissions we receive.

Submissions from botSubmissions from bot


Also, the number of submissions are not working under "Performance" tab.

Wrong submission countWrong submission count


Can anyone help me to understand why the count of submissions are not working and is there anything which relates to submissions showing "Submissions from bot". 

- All the submissions contains valid details from real user.


I already tried to google it but didn't found any fisible answer.


Any help is appriciated.




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Need help with form: to understand "Submissions from bot" & wrong submission count in "Performance"

Here's a quick explanation of what these fields mean and how to interpret them.

The "Submissions from bots" column indicates the number of form submissions that were made by bots, as opposed to human users. HubSpot uses a variety of signals to determine whether a submission is likely to be from a bot, including things like IP address, pages visited before submitting the form, and suspected spam keywords.


If you're wondering why the submission count in your HubSpot "Performance" tab is wrong, it's likely because submissions from bots are being counted. To fix this, simply deselect the "Include information from bots" option in your view settings. This will exclude any submissions that come from bots, giving you an accurate submission count.


The "Wrong submission count" column shows the number of times users have submitted forms with invalid data. Generally speaking, the "Wrong submission count" metric in the performance report will be accurate. This metric counts any submissions where the email address entered doesn't match the criteria for passing. HubSpot uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine which submissions are valid and which are not. This means that some submissions that may appear to be invalid at first glance may actually be counted by HubSpot as valid after further review.


Try clicking on the link that explains why 159 submissions have been excluded to see HubSpot's explanation.


Hope this helps!