My staff's notes are being deleted

Hi guys, 

I have a new member of staff and when they create notes on a contacts page it seems to delete itself for no apparent reason. We use these notes as a place to hold vital interview answers from our candidate screening process so it is integral that they remain attached to the contact so both myself and my staff can refer back to the notes throughout our pipeline. 

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Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Koryphäe | Elite Partner

My staff's notes are being deleted

Hi @NGinSS.  In the contact record, are you looking at the Activities tab, and the activity timeline? And are the filters set up so you can see the notes? 



Or are you looking at the Notes tab under there? 


If you go to Actions, the "restore activity," do you see the deleted notes and why they were deleted? 



HubSpot shouldn't be deleting notes for no reason. It should take a user deleting it, and you should be able to track down who and why. 


I'd also reach out to HubSpot Support if you still have questions. 



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My staff's notes are being deleted

I have notes filtered and when restoring activity there is no evidence that there is anyone deleting anything. 

I do have an "uknown user" deleting meetings that I think are being added by my google calendar that I do wish to resolve but I think that is an entirely separate issue. 

Seemingly there is no evidence the notes even existed in the first place but I have assurances from my employee that they were created and saved.