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Hello. I have read other post about multiple locations, but I am still a bit confused. Can someone tell me the best way to go about this?


Our company has 6 dental clinics with different locations. At the moment, we have had a 1 master account for managing patients, but I would like to create individuals ones for each of the locations, and maintain the one we have now as a master.


I want each hubspot to have different paraments than our master one. For instance, when we get a new patient inputed into our MASTER hubspot, we can forward to entry to the correct individual clinic's hubspot. We also would like to have some automation intergration between the master & individual accounts, such as entries being automatically copied, or notifications sent when updates are made.


We would like each of the 6 locations to have their own associated email accounts, records, and logins, independant of our master one. 


Most importantly, the 6 locations should not have access to the master.


How do we go about doing this? Thank you for your help!

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Hi @SDental,


Have you considered using just one HubSpot account, restricting contacts access for specific users?


It's possible to set up contact access in a way that contacts from one location are only accessible to the team working that location. (This is done by assigning contacts to users, now "contact owners".) Unassigned contacts could remain hidden from users in those locations, until a user from the master location assigns them to a contact owner.


You can learn more about user permissions in this guide:


Hope this helps!

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