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I asked my team to merge some contacts using multiple email feature of Hubspot.

For instance, first email is profesionnal email and second one is private email.

Very bad idea because from what I read here

It is not anytime soon that I will b eable to export these data ... and this a very big problem for us


So my question is : is there a way to find out amongst all the contacts the one who have more than one email address in their details ? 

With this list, I will ask my team to remove the second email and put it for instance in the "work email" field ... but for now I cannot figure out how to filter on these records only


Any help will be greatly appreciated !




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Hi @juliens,


Currently there is no way to filter down and only view contacts who have two email addresses. Going forward, you could create a custom contact property for "two email addresses" (or something along those lines), and then manually update the field when merging contacts or adding a second email. 


Thank you,

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