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Multiple customer types


We have 3 different types of customers for our platform.


  1. One is the user or the consumer. - In this case there is no company name/domain. 
  2. Another is an umbrella account that can have many different individual accounts beneath it - There can be (but not always a company name) 
  3. Lastly there is individual accounts. (There can be, but is not always limited to a company name.) 

What is the best way to set this up? 


We need a way to have the 3 types and to be able to differentiate one from the other. Until now we have been using Google sheets, but now as we grow we realize a CRM is more suitable. 

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Hi @jpc0480 , 


Creating personas in your HubSpot account allows you to target these three groups and categorize your contacts in HubSpot's CRM. Take a look at this article to find out how to create and edit persona's in HubSpot. 


You can manually assign a persona to each contact or set this up with workflows. 


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OK, So I create 2 Persona's? 





How can I then link Member's to User's and User's to Company's?


Furthermore I have to 2 figures in my data export that I'm importing to HubSpot: 


Balance (both users/members): 

Total Earned (users) 

Total Spent (members)


For users within a company, I want this total earned revenue to count towards the company's revenue. 


For users with no company, they would need to have a financial figure. 


For members we want to be able to separate by total spend. 

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