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Need some help


We need to assign more than one owner to a Deal. We pass responsibility for a Deal from Lead Gen to Closer at a point in our process, but want to be able to ID the original owner for our compensation and analytics.


How is this done?


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Hi @JPLanham,


It's not possible to add two users to the Deal owner property but there is a workaround. HubSpot allows you to create more owner properties. These can be created like other custom properties, you just need to select "HubSpot user" as property Field type (at the very end of the list).


You could name this Original deal owner. By doing this, you now have two independent owner fields on each deal record.


By customizing the deal sidebar (as explained here), you can make it easier to access this new field on the deal record.


With workflows, you could automate parts of this but that would require a Professional or Enterprise license. (Specifically, you could automate that the first known value of the Deal owner field is automatically copied into the Original deal owner field.)


Hope this helps!

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