Multiple Data Sources and old data


I am working on a project where they have an existing HubSpot instance, this has been running for a few years. There are also 2 other systems with client data held within. The data in HubSpot at account level is inaccurate and out of date.


The goal is to have 1 correct version of the client data in HubSpot in order to start running marketing specific to the contact. 


We have a right mixture of data quality in the systems. Many of the companies lack domains in the other systems, but the company may exist in HubSpot already, the same is true of contacts and emails. 


Any suggestions on best practice and method to getting the data prepped and ready to go into HubSpot and then overwriting or creating company/contacts and how I can then find all the contacts and companies that were not part of that import so that they can be adjusted or removed accordingly? Will I need to export everything and match it to HubSpot IDs, or should I just delete the lot form HubSpot and start again?



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@LP79  Just a thought. I am checking data a different way and possibly this can help you.  Export the data from the CRM, be sure to choose all fields as you can adjust in excel. Then adjust the spreadsheet and upload the cvs.  ***Please note, the domain name and the email are defining factors dso if you don't have an email for a contact, it will be duplicated, the same goes for a company.


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Cheers Chris - I will take a look. At the moment it is looking like there is some manual grunt work to get the data ready. More gaps in this data than there are in a broken eggshell!


1. Are company emails attached with contacts in 1 of the 3 data sources you're working with?


2.  Sounds like the Hubspot data is the most inaccurate? What makes it inaccurate? 


3.  I would take the most accurate data to put that into a master CSV and upload along with every contact having a company name URL if possible. When you upload that information back into Hubspot will update and not duplicate existing contacts and add new ones. 


4. How many contacts do you have? A data warehouse or MySQL DB might come in handy in organizing your data.