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Multiple Currencies - Live Rate vs Static Rate in Hubspot

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Wondering if anyone had any experience or advice on this...

We sell in USD/EUR/GBP with USD being our main company currency


For EUR/GBP sales we used to convert at the live rate on the day of the sale and record that in Hubspot. 


In november we switched on multiple currencies in hubspot and it now converts at the rate we have set up in the settings. How do people find this? Do people record both the static and live rates for sales? 


Thanks in advance


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Hi @NatalieWhite ,


That is a great question! I want to tag in some of our subject matter experts to get their input.


@Josh@Tnichs@bradmin@FesAskari_SIC do you have any suggestions for @NatalieWhite ? 



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Overall I would say that this is a business decision that would likely change based on how you report and on how the people you are selling to do business with you. If it's a one time service/fee, I would be more concerned about the static rate based, as it would show a more realistic view of the value to your business. If the payment structure is recurring, I would prefer to see the current rate.


We don't do a lot related to this situation, so I'm curious to hear what others have to say.


Thanks for the ping @jennysowyrda!

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