Multiple Contacts invisible on Tasks

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I understand Multiple Contacts per Task was brought in some time ago - however, the header on the Task only shows the first contact.  There is no way to customise which contact is displayed (that I can find) other than selecting them first.  There is also no way to display all contacts (either in the header or within the body text) other than Editing the post.


Capture.PNGHeader: Only first contact shown







It seems ridiculous that I should have to "Edit" a Task in order to see who it is associated with.  I regularly hold Meetings with different Contacts, often themselves from different Companies, and is imperative for me to be able to see which Contacts I have worked, and how recently, at a glance.


Capture1.PNGContact/Company tags only seen in Edit view



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Hey @JamesYoung


Because engagements can only be displayed in a 1:1 manner at the moment, that is why you can only see the first contact when associating an activity with a company record and choosing multiple contacts. 


If this is a functionality you would like to see implemented in the future, I would recommend creating an idea in our ideas forum

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