Monthly and yearly recurring revenue properties updates


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Why can't I update those properties on a deal? I'm going back to old deals and updating them with info we didn't insert before but when I try to write the number on those properties it doesn't let me.



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Hi @LAshtar 


It's because those are auto-calculated. Here's a snippet from this knowledgebase article describing how that works:

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR): the recurring revenue each month for this deal. This is calculated using the values and term length of the recurring line items associated to the deal (i.e., total value divided by the number of months in the term length). It does not take into account the value in the Amount property. This is shown in the deal's currency, if your HubSpot account uses more than one currency.


Make sure you have recurring line-items associated with the deal. If you DO, let me know. Then that's a whole other issue to troubleshoot.

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Hi Joseph, thank you for the answer.


So If I want to make sure the MRR and ARR properties are updated correctly, which properties I need to fill in?


Those of the amount and those of the time so he would know how to divide it?




Hi, just bringing it up again.

Tried to understand the line items term length... If I have a "custom" plan that the ARR changes by each customer do I need to create a new line item to each one?