Mismatch between Country/Region field on Company and Contact record?

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On the Company record, the predefined format for Country/Region is a single line text. On the Contact record however, the predefined format for Country/Region is a dropdown preloaded with countries (which makes more sense). As these are standard Hubspot fields, I cannot modify this. 

I don't like adding a custom field on the Company record to work around this.

Am I missing something here?

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Hi @birdman,


I am not 100% certain on this, but I believe it is a text field because that is a field that is commonly auto-populated by other sources when a company is added. Because that data comes from sources in which HubSpot cannot control, it is a text field that will pull in values if the format is different, spelling is different, etc. 


This is just an assumption based on my knowledge of that field and database structure. 



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That could be the reason - but on the other hand, contacts can also be imported containing a country field. That would be a similar problem.