Misleading structure of needed package for products - Not nice


Why is it not possible to add products from the productlibrary to a existing deal without a Sales Hub Professional license?

1. This is a totally basic feature for a CRM

2. It is possible to add products from the productlibrary to a deal while creating it. Why this difference? It's basically the same feature just from an other view. Why don't you need Sales Professional for this?

3. It is even possible to make changes in the productlibrary itself without Sales Professional. 

4. When you want to add a product to a deal and you don't have Sales Professional instead of choosing Product xyz from the library you can just create the blank product with the exact same name Product xyz. Afterwards in Dashboards etc. it is recognized as the same product.

So holding back this basic feature makes no sense in my eyes, because you still have the same possibilities just from other views or with some workaround.


I really love Hubspot but this + not being able to duplicate a deal or create products in workflows really bothers me.

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Hi @oepsen,


Thanks for your feedback.

For feature ideas I always recommend the ideas forum

It's a forum which is made for users to submit new ideas. The community can vote and comment and HubSpot evaluates the ideas and takes them into consideration for new product updates.


Apart from that I'm going to tag in some of our thought leaders to see if they can assist with some of you questions.

Hi @Bryantworks @brndnstwrt @MAC-MCB, would you be able to share your thoughts with @oepsen?





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@oepsen, I can't speak to HubSpot's pricing decisions (you'll need to vent to a HubSpot CSM about that), but I can share a few of the things I had to learn about products and deals:


-- Clicking "add from library" and "add product" are two different functions. "Add product" only adds a one-time line item that you cannot easily add to other deals (it requires manually adding all product details each time you want to include it).


-- Reporting on products is tricky. When a product from the product library is added to a deal as a line item, it is essentially disconnected from the library after that. That means if you want to make global changes to a product name/description/price in the product library, those changes will NOT propagate to all the deals where you have used that product. I understand the reason for this -- HubSpot admins should be wary about overwriting existing quote and deal details between sales reps and customers.  Thus, if I have a product in my product library that gets changed globally three times, there is a chance that the reporting will include each iteration of a product (v1, v2, v3) as individual reporting entries.