Minimizing duplication from form entry


1) We are working with a professional association that has provided us a list of 500 member organizations. 

2) This list contains both company and associated contacts info. 

3) However, only about half the companies have actual domain names, or emails with unique domain names (ie, not gmail, or isp domains). 

4) I uploaded the list and in doing so created company records for each member association (and contact records).  I then exported this to get the company object IDs;

5) We are going to send out FORM via a marketing email for each of the member organizations to complete. 

6) For the companies/contacts with emails that are not associted with a domain/company record (ie. that are gmail, yahoo, isp domain), I am trying to think of a way to prevent, or limit depulication when they fill out this form.

7) OR barring that, if there are any design considerations on the form, or the properties therein, that might make de-duplication easier, or able to be automated with a workflow.


I thought about creating customer urls with the query function, but #1 I can;t find a way to get company ID's onto a form, #2 how to send those URLS in a mass way nd #3 it's possible some of these member companies will be filling it out via an ipad at an upcoming conference. 


I also thought about using a dropdown property, if there was some way the values could be set to link to the company or contact ID's. 


Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. 








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Community Manager

Hi @JDutton 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Josh @Mike_Eastwood @Aakar do you have any thoughts for @JDutton on this? 


Thank you



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