Migration from Insightly to HubSpot - How to Migrate Organization Notes Manually




We have succesfully imported companies (organization in Insightly) to HubSpot. However, as critical as the company details, we also need to import organization notes (Insightly).


Insightly generates a *.csv file for the organization notes, however, what I wanted to happen is that these notes are posted in HubSpot as HubSpot notes (whereas you can see notes on the right panel of HubSpot company profile).


Is there a way to do this? Manually through a *.csv file?



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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @bill_ezy at this time it is not possible to import notes to the HubSpot CRM via csv import. 


Additional platforms are available for import. Companies like Import2 and Trujay Group provide data migration services from nearly every major CRM on the market. Or, you can work with a HubSpot techinical consultant to build a custom migration. These are however paid services. Let me know if you have any questions on this. 





Nowadays as an alternative to manual CRM data import, you may take a look at some automated solutions. There are many useful migration services that allow you to save time and do the high-quality data import. 

For example, Data2CRM service supports both - Insightly and hubSpot CRM and gives you an opportunity to migrate your company's data in an automated way. What is more, you can try a free demo, so the limited amount of your data will be imported to HubSpot CRM automatically.

If you have any questions regarding Insightly to Hubspot migration, fell free to write me directly.