Migrating from Streak CRM

I used Streak CRM which has boxes=deals and uses google contacts. So mostly if I have a deal it has all the deal info but no contact associated, because it's just the emails.


How do I import my old data into hubspot? I can DL csv files for contacts (generally empty for most deals), or for deals.


But I can't import deals, only contacts.


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Migrating from Streak CRM

I migrated all our data from Sreak CRM to HS in Jan 2019. 

I initially exported the streak pipelines (and it's boxes).
We had different fields accross different pipelines/stages in Streak, so I had to consolidate it all. Pipelines/stages in streak did not directly translate to deal stages but often were part of the customer lifecycle field. Here is a link around lifecycle stages -

In streak we had different pipelines for applicants and members. 
Whilst in HubSpot we do have a deal pipeline that has stages which follow the sales process the contact also has a field (contact type) where we record if they are a applicant or a member (which is linked to the deal stages). 

Hubspot has a number of useful knowledge articles around setting up your initial structure. Check out the project section under marketing. 

I've spent a lot of time in excel and optimising the data for a csv file import into HS. 

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Migrating from Streak CRM

Hi @blimstash,


Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in some subject matter experts to see if they can assist with this.

Hi @StefaniUAT @bradmin @rikkilear, do you have any suggestions?




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