Migrating from Salesforce to Hubspot

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Hi there,


We're working on migrating from Salesforce to Sales Hub Enterprise. We have the two tools synced right now. Albeit, not the cleanest. Our data in SF is subpar for sure. I wanted to go through my thought process having not done this before to see if anyone can poke holes in it. 


We've already worked on determining what fields we need to keep from SF, and also the new pipeline stages.

1. Create any new properties in Hubspot and sync corresponding SF properties to these new properties. 
2. Delete any properties we decided we no longer need
3. Sync all the data so we have the most recent SF data
4. Shut the sync off
5. Move deals into the correct new pipeline stages

At some point here I will make sure the Sales team cleans up the data on the accounts they are actively working. But to me, it doesn't seem overly complicated. Sync the properties we need then kill the sync and start working from Hubspot. Outside of the whole sales process and just getting one system of truth. 

One other question I believe I have confirmed but when I kill the sync what happens to the pipeline and stages of existing deals? I'm assuming it will keep the pipeline and pipeline stages that were being syncing in from SF.

Any guidance or tips would be appreciated. 

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After having done this before, it seems like you have the process well thought out!

From experience, here is the best advice I can give:

  • There are two steps to the process: stopping the sync and then deleting the sync/integration. View Instructions.
  • Make sure your property types match in both SalesForce and HubSpot. IE: single-line text vs dropdown, etc. Otherwise, it makes integration difficult. Certain workflows or automation could fail due to this and not transfer over essential information.
  • Not only focus on properties, yet the processes in SalesForce (SF) that designate the properties. (IE: processes in SF that say if property meet XYZ, make the property ABC.) You will need to re-create these processes in HubSpot.
  • When you are syncing, make sure you are stopping any and all processes in SalesForce and have recreated them in HubSpot. Especially those processes done with third parties. It took me 2 months to properly stop ONE process from a third party, which was affecting the sync.
  • Make sure your team is updating the information in SalesForce and not HubSpot while syncing. If you choose to move to HubSpot while SalesForce is still syncing, and the integration settings for HubSpot says choose SalesForce as master, all updated information is overridden. Be mindful of the integration settings and update regularly based on your needs. (This seems minuscule, yet has a huge effect on data integrity) We had representatives updating addresses and other information in HubSpot, yet the integration settings were to make SalesForce info the master and therefore reverted back to old information.
  • Most issues came while stopping the sync. Back up ALL data securely the cloud from both CRMs before stopping the sync. This way you can restore/import/upsert/restore/etc. if needed. Keep the sync for at least 3 weeks before deleting the sync.
  • Once stopping the sync, pull 10-15 random records per day in both CRMs and make sure the data is correct: all major properties and information are transferring over correctly. We synced information for years and upon stopping the sync, I found many issues that were unexpected, even unthinkable.
  • From experience, HubSpot does not delete any information. Once you shut off the sync, your major worry is SalesForce only or de-activated users. You will get a list of these users and have 24-48 hours before the users are deleted. Once the users are deleted, the deals, tasks, etc. become unassigned. Make sure to re-assign them within the 24-48 hour deadline.
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Awesome! Thank you for the tips. Fortunately, our sales team is relatively small and the engagement in Salesforce isn't super consistent but I will check with our SF admin to make sure there aren't any processes I need to recreate. Hadn't thought of that! 

My hope is we get off Salesforce and start using Hubspot more consistently as it's cleaner and more user friendly.