Migrating events from Intercom to Hubspot

Hello community!


My team and I are working on migrating events from Intercom to Hubspot. The events on Intercom are currently fueled by a backend integration from our Product (which is a web app and a mobile app). 


I am looking at a seamless transfer or at least to duplicate the same integration. I was hoping to be able to use the Hubspot Events for this purpose. Would I be correct there?


Would appreciate any form of help or advice here. If you know any fellow member that has dealt with migration from Intercom to Hubspot (not the chat portal particularly, but everything else), please tag them here. 


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Migrating events from Intercom to Hubspot

Were you able to make any progress with this?

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Migrating events from Intercom to Hubspot

Hi @Drishtii_ ,


Thanks for reaching out to the HubSpot Community.

I did a quick research and so far I've found these resources that might be realted to your question:

@Mike_Eastwood and @karstenkoehler , do you guys have experience with Intercom migration?