Microsoft Edge Not Call compatible

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Can't make any calls using Microsoft Edge Browser. Hubspot message says download Chrome. I thought Hubspot recommended the Edge Browser. I have run the latest updates for Windows 10 and that's fine. Must I download Chrome or is there another way?

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @INUGO HubSpot works with a third-party service, Twilio, for calling services. Twilio has specific browser and network requirements for the calling tool to function properly.


Here you will find Twilio's minimum web browser requirements


If you're experiencing issues in one of our supported browsers, please try making a call in incognito/private browsing mode and in other browsers. If the issue does not persist in these circumstances, there is likely a conflict with your browser’s cache, extensions/plugins, or settings. To diagnose and resolve these issues, we recommend:

  • Disabling (not deleting) all your extensions. Then try calling again. If you're able to successfully place calls, re-enable your extensions one by one to isolate which one is causing the conflict.
  • Check your browser settings to confirm you're using the audio device you want and HubSpot has access. More details about audio can be found in this article.

Lastly, run all four of the Twilio tests here. There are two under the Twilio Client  tab and two under the Network tab. 

Successful results will be all in green. 

If you receive errors for any of these tests, please try the following: 

  • Test call: The most likely error you’ll encounter will pertain to your audio device. This article walks through how to resolve microphone issues.
  • Bandwidth: See the Internet Speed section above. If you aren’t meeting Twilio’s requirements, then you likely aren’t meeting HubSpot’s. The speed test will help you isolate if the problem is upload or download.
  • Network tests: Check out these articles from Twilio on ICE errors and port requirements.


If you're still having issues then please let me, @jennysowyrda@edjusten and @nicolebrenner know.