Messages feature time not syncing up

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When I'm using the new Messages feature, sometimes if my computer has a slightly different time than the other person's computer, the messages don't show up in order...


I should have saved a screen shot but was chatting with someone who's computer time was 5min slower than mine and his responses would show up far up the chain, not right after mine.

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Hi @gotmike


I've experienced this occasionally too - well done identifying the potential cause. 

@roisinkirby - who should we report this to do you think? 


Cheers, Phil.

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Hey @gotmike @Phil_Vallender thank you for flagging, I've made a note of your HUB ID's (@Phil_Vallender I know you are a HubSpot partner so if you see this behavior in one of your client's portals could you also pelase send me their HUB ID?)


As of right now I don't see this error reported by any other users, but I'm going to dig into it with our Product Teams. Could you please send me screenshots if / as soon as possible? I'lll see what I can reproduce in my own portal. 

I'm not entirely sure, but the browsers you are using might be relevant, could you please confirm whether you are using Chrome / Internet Explorer / Firefox or other?

How signficant is the difference in time? By a few minutes?


Thanks both, I'll keep you posted. 

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i use chrome.


i am no longer seeing this issue either, so maybe it has been resolved along the way...

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@gotmike thanks for reporting this. 

We had the same problem as of yesterday. 

I was writting "in the past" from my contact perspective. So that my messages appeared before the

welcome message in the chat history, which made it really confusing.


I sent snapshots to support: 

Ticket number: #628584