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I use Company Records to manage directory listings on my website, and to keep Hubspot up to date, periodically I export all directory data from my site in CSV format and upload it Hubspot. 


For the majority of my Company Records, this works fine as it merges the new data with the old using the company domain/URL to match new and old records.


However, and this is where the issue lies, a few customers have multiple records. For example, a business with multiple trading locations is recorded in my Hubspot as multiple companies, as each one is managed individually. Unfortunately, they all share the same URL as they are all part of the same company. The built-in system with Hubspot collapses all these individual listings into one record, which is no good at all.


To avoid this, I refrained from using the built-in domain attribute and added a custom field called 'Website Address'.  This works fine until I need to upload the latest batch of data, as now it doesn't merge contacts, but creates duplicates.


I could simply delete the entire Company record list before adding the new data, BUT, any information stored in those records (which was created with Hubspot i.e. logs of phone calls etc) is then lost.


Am I missing an obvious solution here? It seems no matter how I try to work it, it's catch 22. Any help would be much appreciated.





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Hi @trainingmentor  There is nothing here that you are missing. The records will only dedupe based on the domain url. It is not possible at this time to dedupe based on any other property. You are correct that exporting and then importing all information will cause you to lose engagement records (emails, meetings and so forth). 


I can see where a bot more flexibilty in the dedupe process would help in your use case.

Can you add this as a post to our ideas forum for further comment?


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Ed Justen

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