Merging Un-associated Companies (One w/Children)

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Hello again Hubspot world,


Running into an odd situation, not sure if it's working as intended or not.  I currently have two separate and unrelated Companies in our instance that I'm trying to merge. Company A has no children or parents. They were acquired and absorbed by Company B. Company B has separate children (again, unrelated to Company A). 


When attempting to merge Company A into Company B, it says I am unable to do so because Company B has children associated to the account. As it stands, the only workaround I can see is to unassociate all of the children to Company B (5 of them) and then merge Company A, and then re-associate all 5 children.  Is this the intended workflow, or should I be able to merge Company A into Company B?

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Hi @BuySellAdsDave,


What you are experiencing is working as expected. Currently parent companies cannot be merged. The best course of action would be to unassociate the companies, merge them, and then associate them again.


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