Match contacts made by meeting link and manually.

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Hello, we are having a bit of a problem with finding and matching a original contact with a contact created via meeting link. See below...



When a contact is created, a workflow sends an email with a meeting link. This meeting link has a form itself to fill basic info like name, email, phon number. Majority of the time this works well.



Some users will enter a completly different info. Since HS can't match this with an existing record, it creates a new contact. Makes total sense. But the problem is, internally we don't realibly know who is this contact is actually (because info is different). This makes the agent's call hard. They have to repeat questions and somehow make the match from the phone call. Not the best situation for the agent to be in because of wasted time and sometimes customer expects we know the details already.



I'm positive some of you giuys out there ran into the same issue. What was your workaround or solution for this situation? And ideas?

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Hi @tmr,


Thanks for reaching out.

I want to tag in some thought leaders to see if they can assist with this.

Hi @kevinheraly @Bryantworks @Krystina, would you be able to share your  thoughts on this?




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This may be oversimplifying the problem/solution, so forgive me if that's the case. Have you tried just merging the contacts? 


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Thanks for the reply. I don't think it works (tried). Merge tool is usually based similariteis. But the info is not similar at all.


E.g. the contact created was / 123-456-7890 and the contact automatically created (based on what user entered) via meeting link is / 444-555-9999.

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Hi there, 


I have a thought that may work. Give it a shot and we'll see! 🤞


First, we already know their email address presumably, since we're emailing the form to them. HubSpot is going to create a new contact if the email they enter into the form you're emailing doesn't match an existing contact record. 


So, my thought is that we have HubSpot pre-populate the form with the email address we already know, then hide the field so it can't be edited by the contact. 


Here's what you'd have to do: 

  1. You have to switch the Email field to not required (or else you can't hide it) Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 9.48.29 PM.png
  2.  Then hide it

    Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 9.49.02 PM.png
  3.  Then, under "Options" select "Pre-populate contact fields with known values" Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 9.50.03 PM.png

What do you think about this as a solution? Seems like it would solve the issue of HubSpot creating a duplicate contact with a different email address.

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Hi, thank you very much for the answer. For some reason I can't make the email (or firstname/lastname) optional. Those checkboxes are disabled. Outr account is marketing pro and user is on a sales starter seat. Not sure if that is the reason.


I will try when I can figure out how to make the email box optional.


Edit: Upon further look, is it possible your screenshots are from HubSpot's "forms" tool (Marketing > Lead Capture > Form)? I don't think (at least in our plan) the forms tool (or editor) is available for meeting tool's form.