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I am working with a client that is having some challenges getting her reps to do what they need to do in the CRM - partially because the default views aren't set up in the best way for them. Specifically, when you're looking at the Contacts or Companies view and you edit the columns to show your preferred relevent properties/columns. 


She wants to set it up so all her reps have the same view, but the problem is that since that is based on the individual users, she would have to log into all of their accounts individually and set that up. To be frank, the reps won't do it themselves. As far as I'm aware there's no workaround to make a universal view for every user in their portal. 


Has anyone been able to find a workaround for this issue? HubSpot support confirmed that only individual users can do this, but I'm hoping I don't have to tell her she has to log into 20 accounts and set this all up 20 different times. 

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There are two HubSpot features your Super Admin can 'sell' to their HubSpot Users that offer some higher degree of consistency. Neither is a total solution, but COMBINED they'll get her/him as close as we can to where they need to be.


-1- Select properties to show under the About section in a record.
This will at least FORCE the minimum properties s(he) needs to display for all HubSpot Users. This will, however, not force a consistent ordering of those properties. That functionality is simply not available in HubSpot.

-2- Build a Contact View Filter and a Company View Filter and share both with 'Everyone' in the portal.
This will at least give ALL HubSpot Users in the portal the option of using the tool with a consistent interface. ("Can lead horses to water ...")

- see Create and customize saved filters
- see image

hubspot-crm-view-default-filter.pngHubSpot Shared View Filters


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