Mass Unassocation of Deals

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We have a pretty robust system for tracking referrals via deals in HubSpot. This tracks their source, associates them to both a Referrer and a Referee record and syncs with our payroll system to pay them out at a certain point. We built it to be scalable enough to work as both indiviudual referrals, as well as an affiliate dashboard for media platforms.

One of our platforms that we work with has reach 10k referrals, which is the Contact to Deal association limit. We are trying to find a way to mass unassociate things? Many of these referrals have since expired and we are try to free up the associations for non-expired without deleting them or going through manually. I am sure this can be done with a plugin or a CCA, but looking for a creative, no code solutions before exploring that route.

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Mass Unassocation of Deals

Hi @chadsideris


Check out this article to see if a bulk import creating associations will overwrite your existing ones. You may need to scroll up to see more context as the link should take you to the middle of the article.


Let the community know if this doesn't seem like what you want.



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