Marking contacts associated with cancelled accounts

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What is the best practice for managing/tracking customers who have cancelled their subscriptions? Also how could one extend this to all other contacts who belong to the same cancelled account (company and/or deal)?


Currently I can't seem to find any good solutions, as there is a property on company which shows the number of associated contacts or deals, but I don't see anything that could mass update contacts on a cancelled account whether through workflows or otherwise.

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Hi @brian1  Apologies no one has responded yet. Can you provide a bit of context on how you marked cancelled subscriptions for individuals? 


You are correct that you can't enroll a company in a workflow, but you can enroll list members in a workflow, and you can create a list of associated contacts based on company domain or name. 


If your subscriber lists count in the dozens (or more) you could create a list of contacts in a company and manually run them through a workflow when neccesary (all within a few clicks). Not fully automated, but better than running through dozens of contacts to change one property.


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