Manually mark quote as signed

Is there a way to manually mark a quote as signed? This is important as we're sending some quotes for e-signature and some with a place for signature. Would be great if we can mark a quote as signed and upload it, so on the Quotes landing page it displays an accurate list of what's signed. 

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Community Manager

Manually mark quote as signed

Hello @NolanHubSpot, happy Friday!


I can confirm it isn't currently possible to manually mark a quote assigned. Quotes move through the stages automatically when your customers pay using the payment link included in the quote if any.


We are aware of why this feature is needed and there's already a post on our ideas forum about this here

I would recommend upvoting the ideas post so our product team is aware of this request!


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Manually mark quote as signed

This forum idea is closely tied to the request here and the forum you shared. Would love to see both options available for quotes & invoices.