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Our China operations have a different marketing platform. We would like to add these contacts manually to HubSpot because all our emails will be sent from there (including Chinese). Also then our HubSpot CRM  integration will trigger MQLs to Microsoft Dynamics, and we would get the information back from Sales. And reporting would also show the conversion rates from lead to MQL and SQL and our management could look at the KPIs from one place.


Question - is there harm if we choose the accordingly original source (for example Organic Search when we now the contact is from a Chinese search engine) versus choosing it's an Offline source? Does it affect negatively our organic data and reporting, that comes from HubSpot itself? For example, we have connected all our ad accounts to HS.


Accordingly to our Chinese marketing partner, the integration from that platform to HubSpot isn't possible to do. 

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Hi @HKarlsson 


Thank you for reaching out. 


You can definitely change the Original Source property manually by following those steps. I'll tag some of our experts regarding this, however, to see what they think of this practice. @rikkilear @karstenkoehler do you have any thoughts for @HKarlsson on this? 


Thank you!



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I agree with your logic here, if you know the original source is a search engine set it as that rather than leaving as offline. It'll make your reporting more accurate.

As well as manually you can do this via workflow via the First referring site field (for example), you can see this below:


Screenshot (2).png


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