Managing relationships between contacts and users

Hi everyone!


I tried looking for a while now, but it seems no discussions on this questions exist.


How to properly manage relationships between our users and contacts? 


What we want to achieve is for our sales teams to be able to create lists of contacts that they are in a relatioship with. A contact will, most probably, have multiple users that have active communications, which does not allow using Owners for that. On top of that, I would like to see that distributed by products\teams, so we know exactly which sales team interacts with a given person (or how many people are in their pipeline). 


I am looking at creating a Multiselect, but this does not allow me to use user accounts, while the User type field is limited to exactly one person. Any workarounds?

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Managing relationships between contacts and users

Hi @DaniilK,


You might just want to create custom Hubspot User properties for this. These are treated the same as Owner properties internally, and you can create more than one per object - so you may have Contact Owner, Contact Owner 2, Contact Owner 3, etc depending on how you'd like to set it up.


This may not be as scalable as you'd like, depending on how many users you're anticipating. It might end up being easier to create a multi-checkbox property that just has the names of users instead of a Hubspot Owner property and then set up workflows to be triggered by certain criteria.


- Zach