Managing Lifecycle Stage for a Contact with Multiple Deals

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Hi All 


I'm trying to work out the best way to manage the contacts Lifecycle stage when they have multiple deals. 


We are a 12 month membership based company, therefore after 12 months our members can renew for another 12 months, which creates a new deal in Hubspot. 


When a member signs up the Deal is updated to Closed Won and we have another property called Status which indicates whether they have started the membership yet. For example, someone may sign up on 1st Jan but they may not want to start until 1st Feb. So the Deal would be 'Closed Won' but the Status would be Pending until 1st Feb, where it then changes to 'Active'. 


Once the member finishes their membership, the status is updated to 'Completed'.


What I am trying to achieve it to update the Contacts lifecycle stage to Evangilist if the Status on the deal is 'Completed' AND they don't have another deal where the Deal status is either 'Pending' or 'Active'.


I have tried creating a contact based workflow where the triggers are 

  • Deal is Closed Won
  • AND Deal status is not = to Pending or Active 

However this isn't working as it looks at each associated deal seperatly, so it finds the Deal where status = Completed and doesn't look at the other associated Deal where the status is Active, so it updates the LifeCylce stage to Evangalist which is incorrect


Any suggestions or ideas on how I can update the Lifecycle stage ONLY if there are no pending/active deals associated to the contact?

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Hi @KimRogers 


Thank you for reaching out!


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @rikkilear @Bryantworks @Bruno_Petersen do you have any suggestions for @KimRogers on this? 


Thank you!



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Hello. here we have a similar problem: a customer who has several active contracts (and then a lifecycle stage of "customer") starts discussing about a new deal (an additional service), but it should not go back to a lifecycle stage of "opportunity" (unless all other contracts are expired). Instead of using workflows, we use a custom script (running on our own servers) who queries hubspot via API about all open deals, cross-checks the companies with the active contracts and adjusts the lifecycle stage accordingly.