Making a custom property a datepicker

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I created a deal property Contract Presented and want this to be a Datepicker property; however, that option was not a selection in the dropdown. I now have it single-line text, but I know there's a way to make this a datepicker; I just can't figure it out.


Any help???

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Create a NEW property.


Converting Date Picker properties can be problematic. We've seen this functionality change.



In most cases, you'll want to create a NEW custom Date Picker property and import your propertly formated data from your old non-Date Picker property.

- see How do I change a single line text field type to a datepicker field type? for a partial explanation.

Hope that helps.





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Hi @lisat2m 


When you create a new property the default setting is single line text, which is mid-way through the list of options. If you scroll up, you should see date picker near the top as the third option. 


Hope this helps.

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Hi Phil,


I do not have that option when I edit the property. My choices are:


Single Checkbox

Multiple Checkboxes


Radio Select

Dropdown Select

Single Line Text

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The weird thing is I created a different property a week or so ago and same thing I could not select date picker, then I guess possibly because users were entering dates into the field, it is now date formatted. 


I'd be happy to send snips of what I'm seeing...