Make Closed Won/Lost a Mandatory field


When creating a deal manually, a user has the option of selecting the Deal Stage. If a user selects Closed Won or Lost, the system does not mandate that the user select an option for the reason the deal was won or lost. 


However, when a user moves a deal that has already been created to the Closed Won or Lost, the system mandates that the user select a reason for the deal that has been closed or won. 


There are too many loopholes. In one area HubSpot mandates that it be selected and on the other, it doesn't. Can HubSpot improve the system to when a users select Closed Won or Closed Lost, HubSpot is able to recognize that selection and then make it mandatory to update that property? Having this option to where HubSpot is able to recognize the deal stage can help mandate the input of date. Is there a way to progressive profile HubSpot? 

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Apparently, HubSpot CRM does give you the option of making a 'Closed Won/Lost Reason' a mandatory property.

Access 'Deals' under the 'Sales' dropdown in the Settings section of the CRM. Edit the Deal Pipeline and Stages. Edit Properties against the deal stage where you deem necessary. You have the option to make it mandatory too.

Everytime a deal is moved either to Closed Won or Closed Lost, a pop-up will be served prompting the user to fill in the reason.

You can keep this as a line-text or add some objectivity to it by creating options to choose from a drop-down (Field Type: Radio Select) by editing this property much like you edit/create others.


Hope this helps.





Hi N, 


I agree - this does work when a deal has already been created and is being moved along the pipeline. However, I think the point the previous post was trying to make is that if you create a new deal and save it initially as a Closed Won or Lost, those pipeline stage requirements tend not to apply, and you can create and close a deal in the same action, bypassing the deal stage property requirements. 

Perhaps this has been resolved very recently, but when working thru process with our sales reps within the last month, this was still a loophole for us.


Hi @slucas.

Thanks for the clarity on the thread.

This indeed is an issue which hampers overall mandate for sales users to update deal properties universally.

We made it necessary for all our sales users to keep the deal stage 'Qualified' in the creation stage. Any other modification was to be done only after landing on the timeline page of that particular deal.

But this sure is a gap HubSpot needs to address. Do share if you've come across any update on the platform.