Maintain two contact with same email ID for B2C customers

Hi Team,


We are trying to maintain B2C customers as 2 customes using same email ID, database using ( and maintaining original email ID as Alt email ID. 


Only dificulty we are facing here as sending email to alt email ID, it would be greate if we get an option in workflow to send email at alt email id.




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Maintain two contact with same email ID for B2C customers

Hi @PrasenjitDas,


We apologize for the delay here! 

If I understood correctly, you would sometimes have 2 contact records for the same customer in your CRM:

one contact record has their original email address ( and the second one a placeholder email address like 

May I ask why you decided to use this approach? 


If you're worried about sending automated emails to those placeholder email addresses, you could opt the contact with the placeholder email out of all communication. This would prevent future email sends to that email address. 

I hope this helps!


Mia, Community Team

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