MailChimp and Hubspot not Syncing Properly


I have an issue where HS and Mailchimp (both correctly integreated, I have followed every step to ensure this) are not showing the same amount of conacts. I can't find who it is, there are no more duplicates, excel sheets can't seem to locate them either. How is this not working? Also it appears on Hubspot that we haven't ahd any new contacts since June 20 of 2023 and this month on the 3rd. Not showing any changes at all in between then which makes zero sense. It appears to be syncing but just not correctly? Can anyone help me out here, support said this is the only place to get help.



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MailChimp and Hubspot not Syncing Properly

Hi @SDPON10 ,


The Mailchimp integration doesn't add or remove contacts from your HubSpot database.  Data only flows from HubSpot forms to Mailchimp. 


Additionally, the integration does not add contacts that were created before the integration was installed to Mailchimp.  Older contacts should be exported from HubSpot and imported into Mailchimp to "catch you up." 


Further, the New CTA's tool does not sync to MailChimp, but since you are using FREE, that is not an issue for you.  


If you want to add records to HubSpot from MailChimp, you should either look at Hubspot Data Sync or use a tool like Zapier to add contacts to HubSpot when they are added to MailChimp.  Unfortuantely, the free Data Sync will only send an email address between the systems, so you'll need a paid HubSpot subsctiprion to send things like first and last name. For this reason, a combination of the integration you already have and Zapier might be better (and free) if your volumes are low.


This integration is useful for seeing click activity from MailChimp in HubSpot, or for sending contact Name and Email Address from legacy HubSpot forms to Mailchimp, but that is the limit of its capabilities. 

- Trevor
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