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Hi All,


Loving hubspot so far!


I would love some help with some questions that I have. There's quite a few questions so I will number them for reference. 


1. Is there any way to keep my old customers data with information such as their past orders or how much revenue they have bought us? 


2. Can I import them from a spreadsheet that can keep track of when they first became a customer? This is quite important. 


3. I am currently using 1 pipeline to track my sales and then a second pipeline that tracks the project flow. 


For example pipeline 1 tracks where they are in the sales process. I then create a new deal which I can track them through the project process e.g receive order all the way to completed project. Is this okay to do?


4. Is there any way to track drop off data from the sales pipeline? Would be interesting to see how many people move onto each step too. Any data to get?


Thanks very much

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Hi there!


Not sure how much help I will be, but will do my best!


1. If you have this information (such as past orders) in a spreadsheet, one solution is to create matching Properties for Deals and then import them accordingly. Here's a HubSpot article breaking down the process: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/deals/how-do-i-import-deals


If the information is not clearly segmented out like that, at the very least you should be able to add a custom property for revenue and import that with the appropriate Contacts/Companies. 


That being said, HubSpot does not automatically associate Contacts & Companies with Deals, so you will have to manually go back in and do that. What I've found to be helpful is having a single line text field with the same information as the actual Company Name, so when you are manually associating you have a quick reference of where they go. We imported over 10,000 Contacts when we started using HubSpot, so we couldn't guarantee we could keep track of everyone!


2. HubSpot's Became a Customer Date field is read-only, so it will be based on when they became a Customer in the software; if the Lifecycle Stage when you import is set to Customer, then it will make the Became a Customer Date whenever you imported. However, you could definitely create a custom property for either Contacts or Companies with a date field and import that data with them.


3. I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean by the pipelines tracking sales vs. projects. You can actually move Deals between different Pipelines very easily (just click on the Pipeline when on the Deal's page, or you can add Pipeline to the Deal's About section and easily click back and forth between the two). If you're tracking the same project, it might not even be necessary to create a brand new Deal each time.


4. By drop off data, do you mean Deals that don't end up being completed? There are lots of Deal-specific reports in the Dashboard where you can probably find whatever information you're looking for. Deal Stage Funnel and Deal Snapshot both show progression, for example, although with Deal Snapshot it will only accurately track projects that begin in the first stage and proceed in sequence through each additional stage (so if you skip the first stage of that pipeline, it won't register at all, and if you skip one later down the line it'll stop registering it after that). 


Hopefully that helps!