Looking for a CRM with editable fields that can flag followups like Outlook does.


Hello, I am looking for a CRM that will allow me to transfer my lead book of several thousand paper leads into a well oiled system. In doing sales with other companies (B2B) I found Outlook to be a very strong tool. With leads that are B2C, I have not found that to be the case as the information I need is simply different and tedious to enter it all in the notes section.

Can anyone let me know a CRM (doesn't have to be free) that will allow me to enter fields like name, address, phone, seminar attended, lead source etc...?

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I highly recommend using Hubspot. Hubspot is used by some of the top comapnies in the world to scale their sales and marketing. 


Not only are their CRM great, but their ecosystem of inbound-first approach is really powerful. 


I have helped business owners setup their sales team and our agency can help if you are interested. Let me know.

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Hi @RoshaBeli ,
HubSpot is a very robust CRM that offers so much that it is hard to explain here. 
I beleive here you want to import all your data into a CRM with the notes too. You can import your contacts with the notes with import tool. Check SS here: https://prnt.sc/1sxlzil.
You will find lots of default properties like Name, Email, Phone no and we ll as you can create custom properties that suits your need. Checj this article: How you can create and manage Custom Properties in HubSpot (webdew.com).

Hope this helps!

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Hi @RoshaBeli,

From your short description, it seems as though manual data entry may be a huge deterrent for you. Custom properties may help with this. There are also many tools available to assist in scanning and uploading information from paper to digital. I personally don't think CRM choice is the issue here, whereas process analysis and tool management can make all the difference.


I have certain inquiry sources with specific header names that I then workflow to copy to main properties to assist in regular imports and this saves lots of time.


I am happy to sign an NDA and do a brief virtual call and give you my advice. If you are looking for definitive advice in this section, please advise on what a "well-oiled system" means to you, your specific issues with importing into HubSpot, if you are utilizing custom properties, import experience, etc.