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I'm adding company domains that I do not want the emails to log  but somehow it's still logging the emails, Am I doing something wrong?  is there a way that you can only log the emails from the companies or contacts added to my CRM?

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Hi @JEngelbrecht,


There are a few possibilities here:

  • The settings may have only been applied to individual users vs portal wide - here's the article on this topic 
  • The domains were added incorrectly in the never log settings - see above link
  • You haven't set the domains in the settings as stated above but the email extension is set to auto-log emails and contacts/companies that aren't in your HubSpot account are being added when users are emailing them
  • The email includes multiple recipients - some are able to be logged, while the others are not. If you CC someone on the never log list but the primary recipient is able to be logged, that email will still log.

I hope this helps diagnose the issue. 

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Thanks, but I want to prevent logging emails that I receive from specific domains. How do I do that?