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I usually contact my clients every 3 months for a service call. 

So I have created a task for this on the client.

So after my service call, is there a way to write a log on the specific task?

Because then I will just move it 3 months forward after I am done with the call. 


And in 3 months when I call again, I can see what we talked about 3 months earlier?


So I don't need to log the call on the company, because then I will need to find it every time, but I want to create a log specifically for the task "Service Call"


Is that possible?


Thank you

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Have you thought about just pinning a "Note" to the Contact record that you update regularly?



Also, you may want to use Tickets.  That way other emails and notes don't get cluttered in your activity.



Tickets are also easier to see on the right-hand side of the Contact record and make it easy to see past interactions directly with your customer for issues or service items.  Try it out.



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Ok great thx, I will try that