Locking Parent Companies

I have been asked to lock the parent company of key accounts so only a select group of people can edit them. 
Is there any way to do this?
I looked team permissions but we don't want teams to only be able to edit their companies as we do a lot of cross-selling. Ideally it would be user can edit A team, B Team and C team. Then only parent coumpanies would be owned by the locked team. 
Is there any other way to do this we are on Professional level. 

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Community Manager

Locking Parent Companies

Hi @GeorgieL , thank you for your post.


I believe this isn't possible with the current features because "parent company" doesn't have a separate permission setting:( What do you think @karstenkoehler ? I've seen you published this idea post "Strict view only permissions for users (restrict access to all tools)" and I'm wondering if you could share your thoughts here.