Live Chat no assigning Contacts




Is there a possibility to assign the contact that comes through from the website live chat after they submit the email.


As per the current setup, a contact is created when someone submits their email in the live chat, however, the contact does not get assigned to the user who is chatting with the customer on the website.

Only the chat flow / conversation is assigned to the user (and not the contact)


how do i assign the contact directly to the user who the conversation is assigned to?


TIA for the help

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Community Manager

Hello @malekt 


At the moment is possible to send to team member the chat conversation started by a bot. 


This article explains more about it: "Handoff a conversation to a specific user or team based on their availability to chat. This action is only available to users with Admin access."


Please note: you can only handoff a chat conversation to users who have a paid Sales Hub or Service Hub seat.





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