Linking prospective contacts to a deal


If a "deal" is a job that we have been instructed on by a client (in the context of recruitment) and the contacts that we have linked to that deal are all the prospective candidates that we are going to approach for that job - is there a way to view a summary on the progress of that search. ie. glance at which contacts are still a live prospect for that job vs those who have been spoken to and are not interested. I'm aware that there are lifestyle stages associated with contacts so wondering if this can be used for this context. 

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Hi @Alex3


Recruitment is a unique scenario and HubSpot isn't really built for that. So, to get it to work you are going to have to customise it and use some lateral thought. 


You could add candidates as contacts on the deal. This will make them idenitcal to the client in the system though. 


Lifecycle can be used to track progress, but cannot be customised from it's default values. 


You could create a custom contact property to hold candidate progress - you might find this more useful.


Good luck and let us know if you have more questions.

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