LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Hope?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Is there hope for a bi-directional sync?

I love HubSpot and think that Sales Navigator is a phenominal companion tool. But there's got to be a way for users of both to easily import contacts belonging to a company. It's lead aggregation 101.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Hope?

From a lead generation perspective, this is a very legitimate request and one that should pique the interest of the Hubspot developers.  Linkedin navigator is quickly becoming the tool of choice for leads, so please give it consideration.    

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Hall of Famer | Partner

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Hope?

Hi @FireFish,


There is an open request in the HubSpot Ideas section in the community: Sync LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Lists to HubSpot


I'd recommend upvoting and commenting. Until an idea is reviewed, the product team will usually not communicate or commit to anything.


Best regards!

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