Line Items with trade value

Does anyone have a solution for handling trade amounts on line items that our A/R team can report on?


For example, for some businesses (restaurants, music venues), we'll allow them to pay part cash/part trade for their contract. 


Should this be a standard line item that a rep can fill in the details of the amount of trade and notes on what it is? I guess that would be the easiest way for us to report on it. 

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Line Items with trade value

@traviskl that's interesting. I haven't seen this use case before, with trades instead of simple revenue. I suppose you could use discounts when you put products into a Quote. There's space for notes there. But I'm not sure if that's an exact translation of what you're asking. I'll be curious to see if anyone else has done this or has another solution. 


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Line Items with trade value

Hi @traviskl,


Thanks for reaching out!


I wanted to add our subject matter experts to this conversation.

Hi @Josh@danmoyle@Aakar@JonPayne - Do you have any thoughts for @traviskl?


Thank you!




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