Limit how many contacts are associated to a company

Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with an automated solution to this. I only want 3-4 contacts max associated to each company in HubSpot.

There are some with 10+, I'd like to have a critera based on title, so I can keep our target contacts for email communication. Does anyone have any ideas for'd be nice if it was something that can be repeated. For example, contacts sync over from our other system and I can easily remove them because I know there are already 3 assocaited and are active.

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Limit how many contacts are associated to a company

Hey @trinasmith, thanks for reaching out!


This is an interesting use case, and I'm not sure if there is a way to prevent HubSpot from associating more than 3-4 contacts with a company record.


Make sure that you have automatic company creation and association toggled off in HubSpot. That will automatically associate contacts with company records if their email domain matches the company domain name.


Honestly, I feel like this should honestly be mostly a manual process. Since you're trying to be very intentional about the contacts that you have associated with a company (and you want to make sure that they're decision-makers), your team should be carefully evaluating the contacts that you do have associated (especially making sure that they have accurate, complete info!). 


And even if a contact associated with a company isn't a decision-maker, wouldn't you still want to know if they're engaging with emails, visiting your website, filling out forms, or taking other tracked actions? They may not be your decision-maker based solely on job title, but they may be able to help get you in touch with the right person. As far as marketing goes, it doesn't hurt to include these folks in ongoing email nurturing as well to better provide value to the target company.


Either way, I recommend creating a list and/or dashboard report that will show you the company records with 3+ associated contacts. From there, you can evaluate them (and even set up a workflow to notify you when a new company is added to the list) to ensrue that you have the needed records associated and categorized appropriately.


If you're confident in your job title data, you could also elect to specifically categorize those target contacts to easily differentiate them from others. You could build a workflow that updates a property if the contact has a certain job title (or if their job title contains certain words). That would help you identify your target contacts without losing visibility into potentially relevant engagement data from other contacts!


Hope this helps!!

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